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Today, the aerial shots are legion.

Relatively easy to implement , no need to get an helicopter or light aircraft to access images of the third dimension.


Different areas:


  • Tourism : development sites, cities, exceptional buildings

  • Real Estate : virtual tour of hotels, Properties​

  • Industry and construction : Overview of indoor and outdoor sites​

  • Town halls : Overview for urban development​

  • Events : water or other event (wedding, christening , birthday ... )​

  • Commercial

  • Promotion of heritage : architectural indoor and outdoor (specific RC insurance )

  • Music video


The list is not exhaustive, the possibilities are endless.


The drone , the best friend of the the real estate agent


STUDIO DRONE offers you an innovative communication tool to promote your property . The housing stock in the prestigious residence , we offer a complete air and shooting solution for you apart from traditional communication styles. A screen is placed at your disposal to be the director of your film .