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STUDIO DRONE will gain altitude to your images in HD 4K / 1080p with its authorized equipment and certified DGAC, equipped with cameras gyro -stabilized platform on all 3 axes.

    Post Production


STUDIO DRONE also offers the possibility of assembling your videos or photos and transfer them to DVD or hard drive to keep the HD resolution.



STUDIO DRONE received all certifications and authorizations of the DGCA in order to be in full compliance with current regulations for the different scenarios S1 , S2 and S3 .

Aptitude Teleilote Drone
Attestation DGAC-Studio Drone
Attestation DGAC-Studio Drone

Over 800 Hours flight Airplane, ULM , Glider and with strong experience of model aircraft, your UAV pilot is authorized to fly a drone Category D and certified by the DGAC.


STUDIO DRONE has many annual overflight of Mission Protocol departments

CTR Paris Protocol

Meaux Esbly Airfield Protocol


"We trusted STUDIO DRONE for the presentation of our company and we were not disappointed "

Hervé M, communication sector